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It's All About The Music

Weddings, parties and basically just about every event you have music.  Your choice of music whether DJ or a band can make it a night to remember or can hurt the event.  Although it looks like fun, bands and DJs have a very tough job.  When they walk into a room full of people they do not know, they have to be able to think on their feet to make sure the crowd is entertained from the moment they enter until it's over.

 A band has to not only perform well but also has to be able to talk to the crowd and be able to play requests.  A DJ has to have plenty of music on hand to take requests and monitor a crowd to see if they are ready for fast or slow music.  They also have to cater to the age group they are working with.   They also have to be able to work with the venue for sound quality.  

When deciding on music for your next event, ask for referals and interview several.  If it is a band you are iterviewing, ask them if they have played at your venue and if they have any upcoming events you can stop by and watch.  If you are choosing a DJ, ask those questions and find out the type of music.  As you interview, see how personable they are with you.  Do they make you smile?  Do they seem easy to work with?  What do they do if the party goes over 30 min? Will they stay and if so, will they charge?  Make sure to ask who they use for backup in the event they have an emergency(this does happen).  

Once you have narrowed down, contact some references and ask if they were on time and how they were to work with.  This will put your mind at ease for a great event.  

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Friday, 07 May 2021

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