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Receptions.... Say NO to Punch and Mints! Say YES to Style and Personality!

Receptions.... Say NO to Punch and Mints!  Say YES to Style and Personality!

 If you are from the south, you may recall what was known as a traditional wedding. The traditional wedding was held at the local church with the reception in the same location. Food included mints, nuts, bride and groom cake and the sparkling punch; which consisted of most any flavor punch with ginger ale and sherbet and an ice ring made from a Jell-O mold. If the happy couple was ‘going all out’, that usually consisted of upgrading the catering. This meant adding cheese and crackers. If you listened closely, you would almost always overhear someone telling their spouse they were ready to go out and eat “real food”. Many young girls and ladies were asked to help serve at the reception and it was considered an honor to be asked. Decorations were simple votives and flowers in the middle of the tables.

Receptions have changed. As the wedding industry continues to find new and innovative ways to make a brides dream day come true, the reception has become more personalized in ways we never imagined ten years ago. A staff caters to your guests and your servers are now honored guests at your reception and you will find them on the dance floor.

Wedding receptions should reflect a couples style, taste, and personality. A recent bride took her love of giraffes and creatively used them for her wedding cake.  Why I asked? "Bcause giraffes make me smile," she said. What makes you smile? With the help of Pinterest and wedding sites like The Knot, there are plenty of ideas to choose from.

After you have decided what look you prefer, it’s time to find a reception hall to create your day. Your wedding planner will be able to help you choose the right location for your event. If you have a vision in mind you should consider a location that is an open room or as an artist would call it… a blank canvas. Park Avenue Events and Mid-TN Expo offer several venue options with a blank canvas. For a designer or artist, an open room is full of endless possibilities to make your event one of a kind. Vibrant, tall table centerpieces can make a statement and table linens can be chosen from most any color on the color wheel. For those that like a country feel, a few touches of barn wood and burlap on the tables add a downhome feel. Place a tractor at the entrance with a ‘just married’ sign for those fun picture moments.

A venue that allows outside catering should also be considered for a reception. Catering brought in from your favorite restaurants or catering company provides food choices that you know and love.

The location has been chosen. The design has come to life. The food choices are complete. Complete the evening with great music from a band or dj. Your guests will enjoy the evening and you will have a perfect reception that made you smile.

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